"Ride, run and row for culture"
Let’s meet again this year!
Lake Tisza festival
The most welcomed surprise of the year
Once again, for the 8th time in 2021 from July 30 to august 1st the opera of the nature at Lake Tisza will open its doors
If you combine the soul warming properties of music with the love of outdoor activities, it creates such a musical therapy which brings real restoration for the body and soul. It is a noble and simple thought and yet it includes everything that is the real medicine for the passive, yet stressful lifestyle not to mention the depressive effects of the lockdown we all have known recently.
July 30
July 31
August 1
Restoration for the body and soul
Grab hold of the music

Summer outing and classical music concert- wonderful waterfront magic. If the summer outdoor music festivals were not your thing due to their musical style or if you absolutely love them and would be interested to listen to various styles in a picturesque setting say yes to the invitation of the Tisza lake fairy to a classical music concert.

Tour D'Opera

If you love music, exercise and summer then it is worthwhile to take part in the Tour D’ opera as well, experience first hand all that Lake Tisza has to offer. During the 67 km tour 8 mini concerts will be held and various surprises await the riders.

Boat D’Opera

The Boat D’ Opera program brings the partakers closer to the lives of the fishermen of lake Tisza. The participating artists perform in unique settings and captivate their audience with their concerts. At the Bride of melody, the boats will be rocking to the temperamental sounds of the Seres Brothers, but the boat anchored in the middle of the lake will act as a stage to St. Martin’s soothing tunes for the pleasures of the listeners. Setting out from the Abádi harbor in Abádszalók the beauty of the bay of Abádszalók will be conspicuous to all aboard.

Open air opera
where nature and music meet
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Lake Velence Festival

June 18-20, 2021

Lake Tisza festival

July 30 - August 1, 2021

Balaton Festival


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